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For Sure: Gifts She Will Surely Love

Looking for that perfect gift can be tough. Just a tip to make gifting easier – Diamonds are no longer a girl’s (only) best friend! Modern day jewelry fashion has changed the rules and the desires in the hearts of women everywhere. Colorful gems are the new Diamonds, and lucky for gift givers some of our favorite DeLatori pieces are under $600.
Pompeii gold hoops are perfect for a woman with many places to be in a day. They are simple and professional and also offer bit of glamour as well. She can wear these earrings on a work day with a fitted blazer and at night let her hair down and be ready for a night out. These hoops are beautiful and versatile and at just $595 they are the perfect gift for a girl on-the-go!

For another versatile gift, the stackable rings for $125 are a great gift for someone who likes to mix-and-match. She can wear one of these as a subtle decoration or stack as many as she would like to create an eclectic look. Mixing gold and silver rings will create a unique, trendy look that matches with everything.

The elegant black onyx and clear crystal ring will make any woman feel like she’s worth a million. The ring is black crystal wreathed in beautiful silver embellishment, perfect to dress up any party dress or wear as a stand-out, fun piece as part of a basic ensemble.

At less than $600 each, these gorgeous gifts are the perfect solution when feeling unsure about what to buy for your special someone. Versatile and beautiful, jewelry is sure to please.

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