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Bringing Vintage Back: Incorporating Vintage and Modern

Vintage style is coming back with a vengeance this season.  With inspiration like the billowing, colonial-esque styles from Downton Abbey and the 20s dancehall vibe of Justin Timberlake’s recent comeback, it is clear that all things vintage are on the for80-03-P014-08efront of modern day style.

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years in all sorts of materials.  Glamorous jewelry has always been in-style and will not be going out anytime soon!

Incorporate early and mid-century pieces from your grandmother’s closet with your new, contemporary pieces. When putting together your perfect jewelry wardrobe look for classic jewelry that will stand the test of time and trends, like the sterling silver silver coin necklace.  Mix your 1920s inspired dress and hair with a modern piece of jewelry, like an engraved bangle, or go modern in eclectic black and white apparel, with touches of extravagant vintage jewelry.

Whatever your style, pay homage to the generations and their fabulous styles before with mixing and matching your jewelry from different time periods.  Have fun with both modern and vintage, creating a look that is inspired from the ages, but is completely yours!

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