Where to Wear: Pendant Necklaces

80-04-P105-14With the resurfacing trends of collars, snoods, and scarves, this season’s style is all about neckwear. Whether you are spending your day at work or going for a night out on the town, a statement necklace can go a long way.

If you are like me, you may have gotten to the point at which, if you are not wearing a necklace, you feel underdressed. Necklaces can be such a staple in a wardrobe: adding style, pops of color and interest to any outfit.

I love the idea of necklaces with edited menswear. Pairing an oversized silk blazer and skinny leather coated black denim with a draping pop-of-color gemstone pendant necklaces create a feminine, fashionable and professional look. Try pairing a structured outfit with a light, simple Pink Amethyst and Citrine Pompeii Colore An outfit like this is perfect for a less conservative workplace or for a day out lunching and shopping with friends. Mixing feminine and masculine aesthetic creates a sexy, unique feel that can be very versatile, interesting and fun!

A bold, striking look is just the ticket for a night out, but remember, you’re never completely put together without your accessories! Pair your favorite sexy high/low blouse with a pair of leggings and shortie boots. With a beautiful pendant necklace giving you that touch of glamour up top!

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