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JUST {Over} DO IT!

silver stack (6)The beauty of “overdoing” it with accessories is that there are no hard and fast rules. If you’re going to wear jewelry, try playing with the option of “overdoing” it. You can stack multiple bangles—giving you a bohemian look; wear a cuff bracelet on one arm and a watch on the other;  play with a few necklaces—or even one chain with multiple pendants.

Trends in jewelry are giving us many options for larger, statement pieces. With cuff bracelets, bib necklaces, statement rings, and much more, you can’t “overdo” it.

One thing I love about DeLatori’s bracelets and bangles, allow you to coordinate and layer multiple bracelets—even on the same arm. Try layering a Pompeii Nero bracelet with its multiple chains, with a Pompeii bangle. Or, try stacking a large, chunky Pompeii bangle with a few skinny bangles. And don’t be afraid to mix metals; a few 925 sterling silver bangles paired with a cuff with a gold overlay is a fabulous look!

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