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Holiday Jewelry

It is often difficult to style jewelry for the holidays without being over the top or cheesy. Especially spring holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, where dressing up is part of the celebration, you have to be careful not to over, or under-d40-02-P000-00o your look (or your jewelry) for the sake of looking festive.

St. Patrick’s Day is a silly holiday: one filled with fun and food. It does not need to be a super dressy, formal event, but you can make your look modern and youthful without being cheesy. Find a pretty pastel green peplum dress and pair it with a few stunning bangles. Style tip: using bangles with a simple dress adds a lot to your outfit while keeping the look classic and youthful. For a more casual outfit, try a peplum top with a pair of great emerald jeans. To add detail to the outfit, pull your hair back and put on a pair of gorgeous hoops. These St. Patty’s Day looks are not cheesy at all, but spirited, stunning and fun!


I’ve always loved getting a new dress for Easter Sunday. I love to feel bright and sunny on this spring holiday. With a pastel pink/nude dress and a pair of silver ballet flats, you will look springy and festive. Without overwhelming your inspired look, try pairing a silver statement necklace with the dress for added sophistication.
No matter what holiday you are celebrating, remember that it is okay to celebrate with festivity and style, but don’t forget to keep your jewelry looking completely you. With a great outfit and the perfect jewelry, look ready for spring without over, or under-doing the spirit of the holiday

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