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From Blue Jeans to Black Tie

30-04-P212-11My favorite kind of jewelry is the jewelry that is easy to wear at all times of the day, whether it is a staff meeting at work or a party with my friends.  Learn how to pick pieces with versatility for a beautiful look, no matter what time of day.

I love a dangly earring for day and night.  Larger earrings can act as a statement piece, with minimal accessories.  Earrings draw attention to the face, beautiful with any outfit.  An accessory like the Pompeii dangle-earring with gold overlay and white topaz acts perfectly as a transitionary piece.  Wear these breathtaking earrings with a denim shirt, black jeans, and some cute flats for your day off.  Pull your hair up into a bun to show off your earrings and bring the attention to your face.  For a formal event, let your hair down and put on your favorite gown for a classy, elegant look.

Bangles are great as transitory staples.  They can go from a bikini-clad day on the beach to a party dress and a cocktail in hand.  They are great for adding a little bit of sparkle to your outfit without going overboard on accessorizing.  For a more sophisticated look, try mixing and matching detailed and plain bangles.

There are so many ways to wear each accessory.  If you can pick out jewelry that is easy to transition from day to night and activity to activity, you will have an easier time pairing all of your favorite jewels together.  Transitional pieces also allow you to be creative in styling.  Get ready to show off all of the ways you know how to style jewelry.

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